Anti-Insect Wipes

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Anti-insect Wipes for pets. Contain 3 natural repellent active ingredients Margose (Neem), Geraniol and Lavandin oil that protect the pet from infestations of external parasites fleas, ticks, lice, mites and also from mosquito bites.

Margose (Neem) is a natural repellent that eliminates all types of insects present on the skin or fur (fleas, ticks, bed bugs, mites).

Geraniol and Lavandin, provide additional protection by repelling all kinds of flying insects (flies, horseflies, wasps).

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3 natural repellent actives
Neutral pH
With 100% natural aloe vera
No parabens
Suitable for any pet
Extend protection against insects combined with other products of the anti-insect range, as spray, spot-ons or collars
Large size and resistance