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BHD 1.100

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Complete food for adult cats of all breeds, rich in salmon

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Salmon is one of the cat’s favorite delicacies. This noble fish provides extremely valuable unsaturated fatty acids that determine, among others, proper functioning of the nervous system, and also help to control inflammation, the prolonged presence of which in the body can lead to serious diseases. Our wet cat food is similar in texture to a homemade meal – it has the form of moist, juicy meat.

Dolina Noteci Premium grain-free food contains:

• a large amount of meat and animal products,
• properly balanced vitamins and minerals,
• taurine – necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

The product is devoid of:

• cereals,
• preservatives,
• artificial flavors,
• flavor enhancers.

This cat food is:

• preserved in the sterilization process,
• low -processed ,
• inspired by meals prepared at home – has a simple composition,
• available in 4 flavors and a variant for kittens.

chicken 26%, broth, salmon 15%, beef 14 %, pork 10%, minerals.