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A grain-free complete food for adult cats of all breeds


Veal is one of the noblest meats. Due to its easy digestibility, high protein content and low fat, it is recommended in dietary management. Soft and tender veal meat is a real delicacy for purring pets. Veal-rich wet food provides all the essential nutrients, including B vitamins, for, among other things, proper functioning of the nervous system. It is pleasantly moist and has a shape that cats love.

Our food contains:

• a large amount of meat and animal products,
• properly balanced vitamins and minerals,
• taurine – necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

The product does not contain:

• cereals,
• preservatives,
• artificial flavors,
• flavor enhancers.

Dolina Noteci Premium wet food is:

• preserved in the sterilization process,
• low -processed ,
• inspired by meals prepared at home – has a simple composition,
• available in 4 flavors and a variant for kittens.

veal 28% , broth, chicken 27% , pork 10%, minerals.