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Wet food, which, thanks to its simple and precisely refined composition, covers 100% of the daily requirements for all nutrients, minerals, vitamins and biologically active substances of adult dogs.

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The high proportion of meat in the form of beef and chicken fillet as well as other ingredients of animal origin make Dolina Noteci CUISINE a source of protein of high biological quality, characterized by the content of essential exogenous amino acids. These ingredients also determine the presence of valuable fatty acids, both those from the n-6 and n-3 families, and the correct proportions between EPA and DHA acids. Vegetables: peppers and peas support the effective course of metabolic changes of other nutrients and are a source of biologically active compounds that affect a number of functions in the body of adult dogs. Thanks to the special production method and the precise selection of raw materials, the food is an easily digestible product ideally suited to the nutritional requirements of adult dogs.
The size of the animal
All races
beef 26% , chicken 26% , pork 8% , pepper 2%, peas 2%, broccoli 1.5%, minerals