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complete food for adult dogs of all breeds


Wet dog food with exceptional nutritional value and dietary preventive properties. 80% of it consists of meat and animal products (kangaroo 40%, beef 40%). It has been supplemented with fresh fruit and natural functional additives such as New Zealand mussels or seaweed. Grain-free food is distinguished by a recipe that uses types of meat with special properties:

Kangaroo – these animals live only in their natural environment, feeding on leaves, grasses, flowers, ferns and mosses. Their meat is free from antibiotics or hormones and for these reasons it is considered to be one of the healthiest in the world. This species works well in the diet of allergy sufferers. Kangaroos do not produce methane (a greenhouse gas) at all – they do not negatively affect the ecosystem. Their red meat is extremely lean – it contains about the same amount of fat as chicken, providing mainly unsaturated fats needed in the body and at the same time a lot of highly digestible protein, and at the same time rich in iron and zinc that support the immune system, and fatty acids beneficial to the cardiovascular system. DHA and EPA and vitamins,

Beef – Red meat low in fat, half of which is healthy unsaturated fatty acids. Beef is a type of meat that is particularly well suited to the needs of active dogs. It contains creatine that increases exercise capacity, accelerates metabolism and regeneration after exercise, as well as L-carnitine that helps to burn fat and linoleic acid (CLA), which is beneficial for the condition of muscles. Beef provides alanine – an amino acid that protects muscles from damage when the body does not get enough carbohydrates, thus preventing muscle loss. It is a source of perfectly digestible iron – ensuring the proper management of blood, phosphorus – maintaining bones and teeth healthy, zinc – affecting the condition of the skin and selenium – protecting against oxidative stress,

Wet food with kangaroo and beef is:

80% meat and animal products,

types of meat with unique properties,

high-quality protein with a digestibility of 90-95%,

recipe based on unprocessed raw materials,

the finished product is minimally processed, necessary to ensure its microbiological safety and durability,

minerals and vitamins in the best digestible form,

valuable natural dietary and functional additives:

brewer’s yeast containing prebiotics: mannano-oligosaccharides and ?-glucans – supporting immunity,

seaweed – providing easily digestible minerals and vitamins,

New Zealand mussels, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate – care for joints and skin,

linseed, psyllium (psyllium plantain), yucca Mojve – supporting the proper functioning of the digestive tract and regulating the lipid-carbohydrate metabolism,

without artificial flavors, dyes and flavor enhancers,

without preservatives,

without the addition of cereals.

The size of the animal
All races
kangaroo 40% , beef 40% , broth, chickpeas 2%, mango 1.5%, minerals, avocado 1%, orange 0.5%, yeast dried beer 0.3%