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BHD 1.300

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Complete food for adult dogs of all breeds

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Complete wet food for adult dogs of all breeds with food allergies or intolerances 185 g and 400 g This maintenance food based on one type of meat (so-called mono-protein food) is intended for dogs prone to allergies. The product is part of the diet with a limited amount of ingredients, also meeting the needs of dogs with a sensitive digestive tract. The vitamin D3 present in Dolina Noteci Premium Perfect Care Allergy food increases the secretion of antiallergic substances by the body and thus helps to neutralize the effects of allergens and has a protective effect in gastrointestinal diseases. The mono-protein food is suitable for the daily nutrition of dogs with food allergies, it also helps in the diagnosis of food allergies and in an elimination diet.

Karma is dedicated to dogs:
– with food allergies,
– with suspected food allergies – in an elimination diet,
– with sensitive digestive tract,
– breeds particularly prone to allergies, including: German Shepherds, Terriers, Dalmatians, Boxers, English Setters, French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs or Labradors.

Effects of use:
– elimination of the allergen from the dog’s diet,
– reduction of troublesome symptoms of allergy, such as itching,
– reduction of digestive ailments related to food intolerance,
– maintenance of high digestibility and nutrition of the body
The size of the animal
All races
lamb 50%, lamb broth, pea starch 9%, minerals, salmon oil 1%, dried brewer’s yeast 0.5%