DOG PAKIET DNP PC Joint Mobility

BHD 1.300

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Complete food for adult dogs of all breeds

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Complete wet food for adult dogs of all breeds with joint dysfunction and its prophylaxis 185 g and 400 g Joint problems are common in elderly, overweight and large breed dogs. Glucosamine (a natural compound that builds cartilage) contained in the food for dogs suffering from joint diseases helps in the regeneration of joints, strengthens and tones them, indirectly preventing further injuries. This wet food has also been enriched with chondroitin sulphate. This compound prevents the development of osteoarthritis and is essential in the production of the extracellular substance (synovial fluid) that protects the articular surfaces. Regular, prophylactic use of this food allows you to maintain an efficient motor system for longer, and above all, healthy paws and spine.

The food was developed for dogs:
– middle-aged and older,
– diagnosed with joint diseases,
– with genetic predisposition to joint diseases, e.g. dachshunds, German shepherds,
– large breeds, e.g. Great Danes, Labradors,
– with a tendency to for overweight and obesity, e.g. bassets,
– injured, after surgical interventions on the locomotor system.

Effects of application:
– extension of the period of full physical fitness of the dog,
– prevention of the malfunction of the movement apparatus in dogs exposed to it,
– reduction of ailments being a symptom of joint diseases – incl. stiffness of movements,
– eliminating the negative impact of overweight on the joints,
– faster regeneration after injuries and surgical procedures performed on the joints,
– increasing the willingness to exercise in dogs, which began to avoid it due to joint problems.
The size of the animal
All races
pork 40%, broth, chicken 14%, eggs 6%, linseed oil 2.5%, natural brown rice 1%, minerals, salmon oil 0 , 5%, sunflower oil 0.5%, dried brewer’s yeast 0.5%