BHD 1.300

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Complete food for adult dogs of all breeds

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Complete wet food for adult dogs of all breeds in support of the treatment and prevention of dermatological problems 185 g and 400 g This specialist wet food for dogs is intended for dogs with skin problems: excessive shedding, brittle hair, dandruff, itching and for those whose fur is particularly demanding. careful care – long-haired and show dogs. The product contains linseed and salmon oils, providing unsaturated fatty acids: n-3 – with anti-inflammatory properties and n-6 ??- positively influencing the functions of the skin and the condition of the hair coat. The wet dog food has been enriched with micronutrients necessary for a healthy skin and beautiful coat: zinc, manganese and copper. This product should be given to the dog prophylactically, especially in the periods of autumn and spring hair changes.

Food designed for dogs:
– with skin ailments, e.g. eczema, itching, dandruff,
– long-haired breeds, such as: German Shepherd Dogs, Irish Setters, Afghan Greyhounds, Yorkies, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Golden Retrievers,
– whose fur requires regeneration, e.g. after illnesses, staying in a shelter,
– exhibitions,
– during the period of molting and seasonal hair exchange.

Effects of use:
– proper functioning and regeneration of the skin,
– reduction of skin inflammation,
– faster wound healing,
– shiny coat.
The size of the animal
All races
chicken 48%, broth, eggs 10%, pea starch 4.6%, minerals, linseed oil 0.5%, salmon oil 0.5%, dried brewer’s yeast 0 5%