DOG PAKIET DNP PC Weight Reduction

BHD 1.300

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Complete food for adult dogs of all breeds

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Complete wet food for adult dogs of all breeds suffering from overweight or obesity and prone to such disorders 185 g and 400 g It is a light food for obese, overweight, weight-prone or inactive dogs, including older ones. The reduced caloric content and the reduced fat level to only 3.5% – depending on the serving size – help to reduce or maintain the animal’s body weight at the correct level. Psyllium seeds present in the food provide a feeling of satiety. In addition, this ingredient regulates the functioning of the digestive system and helps to reduce appetite. In turn, the addition of Yucca Mojave has a positive effect on the intestines and digestion. A valuable component of food for dogs with digestive disorders is also brewer’s yeast,

The food was developed to meet the needs of dogs:
– overweight and obese,
– inactive,
– middle-aged and older,
– sterilized and castrated,
– breeds prone to weight gain, e.g. Labradors, Cocker Spaniels, Pugs.

Effects of use:
– weight reduction,
– maintaining the dog’s weight at a constant level,
– normalizing the appetite,
– regulating bowel movements.
The size of the animal
All races
pork 46%, broth, chicken 16%, eggs 2%, pumpkin 2%, minerals, dried brewer’s yeast 0.6%