Flawitol powder for large breed puppies

BHD 3.500

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Thanks to flavonoid content, young dogs are protected against harmful free radicals. Regular application ensures correct growth of all body organs leading to longer life and better health at the adult stage.
Flawitol for big puppies features more copper and iron to support blood generation and production of collagen – the key organic component in fast growing bones. The optimal calcium and phosphorus levels mineralize bones and make them flexible, resilient and shock resistant.
The complex is dedicated to fast growing puppies of the larger breeds, and for female dogs during pregnancy and the nursing cycle.

Active substances
Copper regulates enzymes which ensure optimal synthesis of collagen – the protein which adds bone flexibility and resilience.
Higher iron level supports red blood cell generation leading to better oxygen distribution across the entire growing body.

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Dr. Seidel snacks for large breed pups are full-value dog snacks enriched with prebiotics and iron. Prebiotics stimulate
iron levels stimulate hematopoietic processes and collagen synthesis being of special importance in case of fast-growing
large breed pup bones.
Snacks for large puppies. Perfect as between-meal snacks or training rewards (as trainers).
Active substances
prebiotics, iron,