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Complete food for adult dogs of small breeds with duck

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Rafi mini is a grain-free food for Pug, French Bulldog, Yorkie and all other dogs of small and miniature breeds, i.e. weighing up to 10 kg after reaching adulthood. The product was developed to meet the increased demand for protein, energy and fatty acids typical of miniature pets, which is caused, among others, by faster metabolism in such quadrupeds. The food does not contain preservatives, artificial colors or synthetic flavors. The basis of its composition is high-quality meat and animal products. The recipe also contains valuable fats – e.g. salmon oil and ingredients that improve the functioning of the digestive tract – Mojave yucca extract and psyllium seeds to prevent constipation to which small and miniature dogs are prone. Rafi Mini with duck is a complete food, i.e. it contains a properly balanced amount of all nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Thus, the product fully meets the animal’s nutritional needs and may be its only meal.

Rafi Mini wet food with duck is:
• grain-free – its composition is based on meat and animal products,
• free from preservatives, artificial colors and flavors,
• enriched with valuable oils, including salmon oil,
• supplemented with ingredients that improve the functioning of the digestive tract and prevent constipation, including psyllium seeds and
Mojave yucca extract,
• adapted to the nutritional needs of small and miniature dogs,
• available in small packages,
• available in two flavors: lamb and duck.
The size of the animal
Small breeds
65% meat (including 10% duck meat), minerals, seeds (psyllium plantain), oils and fats (0.2% salmon oil), products of vegetable origin (Mojave yucca 0.02%) .
Type of animal