Parrot & Brid
Grooming Services

Total Bird Grooming Solution

  • WING TRIMS – Minimal Wing trims . One half to two-thirds of feather length the coverts of the six end flight feathers trimmed. This trim protects new feathers as they grow and ensures maneuverability to the floor in case of a fall
  • NAIL TRIM: Grind toenails with a cordless Dremel. Heat produced by the grinding stone cauterizes the blood supply, minimizing the risk of bleeding
  • BEAK MAINTENANCE: Beak trimming , filing, buffing and moisturizing  
  • BIRD SPRAY BATH: Spray natural, glycerine shampoo that cleans, brightens, and enhances the plumage of birds.
  • BIRD NATURAL ANTI INSECTS POWDER: Natural Neem Extract powder repellent for the preventative and curative treatment against all kinds of insects, mites and lice.