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Wet, grain-free food for sterilized cats to prevent obesity

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The beef dish is a grain-free wet food that has been developed with sterilized cats in mind. It is a balanced meal adapted to the changes that have occurred in their bodies as a result of this treatment – the increased risk of overweight and obesity and the emergence of accompanying diseases. The recommended dosage of the product and ensuring the animal is physically active ensure that its body weight is kept at a constant level. Urine acidifying substances – ammonium chloride and L-methionine – prevent the formation of crystals and urinary stones, the formation of which is particularly exposed to sterilized cats.

Grain-free food contains

• large amount of meat and animal products,
• beef rich in iron, necessary for proper metabolism,
• protein with very high digestibility and biological quality. Due to the presence of various types of meat in the composition (beef, chicken, pork), the feed maintains the correct profile of exogenous amino acids,
• L-carnitine, allowing for increased use of energy components and increasing the metabolic rate,
• fructo-oligosaccharides with prebiotic properties and stimulating digestive processes,
• Psyllium seeds – a source of fiber, regulating metabolism,
• taurine (addition of 800 mg / kg of feed) – an essential amino acid that allows the digestion of fat (involved in the production of bile), guaranteeing, inter alia, proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, nervous system and skeletal muscles, as well as having antioxidant properties.

Beef dish – food for sterilized cats does not contain:

• cereals,
• gluten,
• milk,
• preservatives,
• artificial colors,
• synthetic flavors,
• flavor enhancers.


• unchanged raw material composition ensuring high food quality,
• high protein digestibility – at the level of 90-95%,
• covering the demand for all nutrients.

beef 26%, chicken 25% , broth, pork 4% , pea starch, minerals, fructo-oligosaccharides, Plantago psyllium seeds.